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Thrifty Adventure's goal

Our goal is to become the most diverse adventure guide company in North Carolina, offering unforgetable trips for everyperson, regardless of background, age, or experince level. 


Meet the Guides


Scott and Christy Thrift

Our Story

Christy and I met in 2008 at a climbing gym, one week after she had returned from a medical mission in Africa. Her climbing partner had stumbled upon me while she was gone; after all, who wants to spend an extended amount of time off the mountain because you don't have a good partner to climb with! He introduced us and two years later we got engaged on Stone Mountain N.C. while she was hanging 80 ft off the side of the mountain!

We both have a passion for the outdoors and travel. Having understood that the best way to become successful is to follow one's passions; we decided to take all of the activities that made us so happy and provided us with so much personal growth and created Thrifty Adventures, a business that would allow us to share these experiences with others.

- Scott

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Why Choose Us?

Adventurers, Families, Couples, and Firends

You are the foundation of our company, the reason we go to work every day, and through you is the success in our journey to become the most diverse guide company in North Carolina. Choosing us is simple:

  • More trip options than any other NC adventure guide company. We offer over 21 different trips including; Tubing, Rafting, Climbing, Rappelling, Waterfall Rappelling, Hiking, Camping, Yoga, Outdoor photography,and Wild edible plant walkabouts.
  • Competitively priced adventure packages, allowing you to sample multiple activities
  • Charismatic staff who are both fun and safe. Safety is our #1
  • We strive to teach you something new on every trip

Large Groups and Scouts

Our largest customer for the last 8 years have been Boy, and Girl Scout groups. We offer the most flexible course packaging and price structure to meet any large groups needs. Our experienced staff is able to start helping with your logistical needs from the day you start planning your trip to the day your group has the best adventure we can offer. Additionally, we run catterized merit badge programs for smaller groups or individuals.


Our mission statement is to offer comprehensive yet simple instruction that instills confidence and self reliance into every climber we work with. Our focus is on offering the best educational courses in North Carolina, using profesional, friendly, and knowledgeable guides who give back to their community. Through our work we plan to support climbing access by donating a portion of our profits every year to the Carolina Climbers Coalition.

We believe to have the best climbing programs, we must offer:

  • The best student to instructor ratio in North Carolina, a ratio of 4:1. This gives each student more time to practice, more opportunities to ask questions, and more one on one time with their guide. We must offer
  • The most comprehensive yet simple instruction around Actions (Belay, ascend, descend), Tools (transition techniques, rescue techniques, lead techniques), and Applications (terrain, experience levels and environmental considerations) taught with three simple questions; What to do, How to do it, and When to do it.
  • The most competitively priced course with the best paid guides in the industry
  • Above all we must support our climbing community to better it for future generations. 

Thrifty Adventures,
1173 Whitson Branch Rd.
Bakersville NC 28705
Email: thriftyadventures@gmail.com
Phone: (828) 260-4505
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