CCC Self-Rescue Fundraiser 2019

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Completely revamped, our two-day self-rescue fundraiser is a great choice for novice to advanced climbers. The comprehensive course starts with a hands-on learning of the basic self-rescue tools; load releasable knots, friction hitches, and mechanical advantage systems. At the end of day one participants will be able to challenge these tools by formulating their own rescue scenario and working through it. 

On day two guest will learn how to apply these tools from a top managed belay, such as what we use when belaying from a trad anchor. They will once again be able to challenge these tools by formulating their own rescue scenarios, and with only these three tools, practice a simple and efficient solution. In addition, day two will have time set aside to talk about common challenges we face while climbing such as, lowering from a plaquette style belay device, improvising a rappel device, and improvised rope ascension techniques.

This year’s course will be taught using NCOA's 2019 education approach. What this means is;

  • Fewer student, 6 students with 2 certified instructors, a 3:1 ratio.
  • A pre-course screening. We will personally talk to each participant before the course to understand their motivations, and goals for the course by phone, or email. This will allow us to make a custom experience just for you. 
  • More time practicing. We will minimize our discussions to allow for more time to practice drills

* Note: This Fundraiser is in addition to the 5% of all annual climbing proceeds that NC Outdoor Adventures donates to the CCC. Learn more about the Carolina Climber Coalition here:  

Who is this for? While day one is a great course for novice to advanced climbers of all experience levels, day two may be better for people who tend to belay from the anchor in single or multi-pitch enviorments. 

Cost: $65 for one day or $100 for both days

Max client to guide ratio: 3:1

Trip Length: This is a two-day, 16-hour, course. Participants are expected to make proper meal and lodging arrangements prior to the event. We would be happy to refer you to campsites or hotels.

Dates: October 12th and 13th 

Location: Table Rock in Linville Gorge, NC

Topics Covered:  

Day One: Self Rescue Tools & Bottom Managed Belay Applications

  • Load releasable knots
  • Friction hitches
  • Load transfers
  • Knot pass
  • Student generated Scenarios

Day Two: Top Managed Belay Applications

Pre-req: Students must be familiar with grabbing a weighted rope (friction hitches) and load transfer systems. Students should consider practicing the munter mule overhand, prussic, autoblock, and klemheist before day two.

  • Mechanical advantage systems (3:1, 5:1, 6:1)
  • Transition from direct belay to counter balance rappel
  • Student generated scenarios
  • Lowering with an ATC in guide mode
  • Improvising a rappel device
  • Improvised rope ascension techniques

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