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Rock climbing has many facets but one common core is the need for solid and secure anchors. In addition to learning how to place traditional climbing gear this course will cover climbing anchor considerations such as visibility, location, rock quality, strength, expected forces, recognizing risk and good mitigation practices.

This is a full day course that has been set up by climbers for climbers and is taught by our experienced guiding staff based on the Professional Climbing Guides Institute curriculum. Each participant will get a chance to build multiple anchors and evaluate them in a group setting with plenty of time to discuss pros and cons. By the end of the day participants will be split into groups where they will build their own anchors and get a chance to climb on them.

Who is this for: If you are new to climbing then this is the best way to build a solid foundation and secure vast opportunities for the rest of your climbing career. If you are an experienced climber and ready to start leading traditional routes, this class is the best way to build a solid foundation before getting to the top of your first pitch.

            1 person - $265
            2 persons - $165
            3  persons - $135
            4 or more - $115

Client to guide ratio: 4:1 This class is taught at a lower client to guide ratio to ensure everyone gets optimal time practicing their skills

Trip Length: This is a full day course and requires participants to bring a lunch

Dates: March 10th, May 12th, July 14th, September 8th. Want more dates? Just email us and we can schedule something for you using the above pricing.

Location: Crowder’s Mtn (March), Table Rock North Carolina (May-July), Pilot Mountain (September)

Topics Covered:

  • Natural, Fixed and Gear anchors
  • Common acronyms (Ernest, Serene, ABC, ETC.)
  • Passive vs Active Gear
  • Gear placement
  • Gear removal
  • Climbing Knots (Figure 8 follow through, Boling, Clove Hitch, Water knot, double fisherman’s)
  • Approaching the edge
  • Anchor types
  • Extending the master point
  • Risk management strategies
  • LNT

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