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AKA Mountaineering Snow School

The focus of this seminar is to learn the basics of climbing at high altitude, glacier travel, pressure breathing, moving efficiently, ice axe arrest, traveling on a rope team, crevasse rescue and survival in a cold environment.

High Altitude mountaineering is considered the birthplace and reason for all forms of mountain and rock climbing. Also known as Alpine Climbing. Rock and ice climbing were skills of necessity for pioneers and explorers who first sought to ascend the highest peaks.

Mountaineering requires the culmination of all skills including climbing and back country survival. No other sport demands the self-reliance imperative to be successful. One must have an array of skills ranging from orienteering, physical fitness, climbing ability, medical knowledge, knowledge of many terrains, weather and knowing ones limitations.

Who this is for: Anyone with ambition to attempt guided high altitude mountaineering. Participants should be at least 16 years old, in good physical condition and able to tolerate a cold environment. Though not required some winter backpacking experience in winter conditions is a bonus. You will need to have everything on the gear list. Please contact us for gear list. You can review it and let us know what you do not have.

Dates: First weekend in February (Friday night to Sunday afternoon). This weekend offers the best chance for snow. FYI we can’t guarantee snow for this event.

Note: We will camp at our farm the first night. We will review clothes, do a pack check and watch a couple videos on Alpine Climbing. The next day we will go camping place TBD and do all hands on until late Sunday afternoon.

Cost: $250

Location: TBD and is based on snow forecast

Class Size: 4-10 people with a client to guide ratio of 5:1

Topics covered:

  • how and what to to pack
  • pressure breathing
  • movement in snow and rest stepping
  • cramponing
  • glacier travel
  • crevasse rescue
  • cold related injuries
  • altitude related medical concerns

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