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Some of us climb for the camaraderie, some for the scenery, and some for the physical challenge. No matter why you climb, if you are looking to get into sport climbing, this is the class for you. Sport climbing consists of a leader and a belayer, where the leader starts from the ground and clips their rope into pre-fixed bolts as they ascend the rock. Sport climbing is very rewarding, and typically offers the fastest way to start chasing harder grades.

Our Sport Climbing 101 class will teach you everything you need to know, to safely start sport climbing outside. Day one will cover an introduction to outdoor climbing ethics, best Leave No Trace practices, building fast and efficient sport anchors, rope management, how to choose the right length quickdraw, and efficient clipping techniques. Day two will cover route finding, lead belay techniques, risk management, safe ways to fall, fear management and best practice for cleaning the anchor.

Don’t have your own gear yet? No worries! We will provide you with all the climbing gear needed for that day.

Who is this for? Any climber, who is ready to start sport leading! Climbers should have a good understanding of belay commands and the figure eight follow through prior to enrolling. 


     1-2 people = $300 per person

     3 people = $270 per person

     4 or more = $230 per person

     *Curious on pricing? Contact us to find out how many people are already registered.

Max client to guide ratio: 4:1

Trip Length: This is a two-day course. Participants are expected to make proper meal and lodging arrangements prior to the event. We would be happy to refer you to campsites or hotels.

2018 Dates: September 29th-30th, October 27th-28th and November 24th-25th.Want more dates? With two or more students we can provide custom dates.  

Location: Pilot Mountain (September), Rocky Face Recreational Area (October and November). Want more locations? With two or more students we can provide teach at a location of your choice.  

Topics Covered:  

  • Best practices for choosing, placing, and clipping quickdraws

  • Easiest ways to recognize “back-stepping, back-clipping, and z-clipping”
  • Cleaning anchors and quickdraws from the route
  • Efficient body movement
  • Lead belay techniques
  • Rope management
  • Climber and belayer communication
  • Risk management
  • Leave No Trace
  • Reading guide books and choosing the best routes
  • Creating a “stick clip”
  • Safe ways to bail off a route
  • Managing fear while leading

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