Climbing Rescue Clinic

Climbing Rescue Clinic (Year Round)

**3 Techniques all climbers should know before going to the Crag!**

(1) Escaping a belay

This is #1 of a three part series. This information is important even for top-roping. Think about what YOU would do if you’re belaying & somehow your climber gets seriously injured & is unable to help themselves... meanwhile you’re stuck in the belay. Result: injured climber and a belayer that cannot exit the system!

Learn to escape the belay so if alone you can go get help; or if not alone you can pass the belay off. You will also learn how to do a pic off.

Bring a rope if you have one, as the more ropes we have the more people can practice at one time.

(2) Pick Off

Imagine: you are at the crag climbing and life is good:

Scenario 1: Your group consists of some good ole dirt bag climbers and a newbie. Your newbie, super stoked scales up the wall and freezes; refusing to go up or down. They have a death grip on the wall and you cannot lower them. You try to encourage them to move but fear takes over and they will not listen to anything you say. What do you do now?

Scenario 2: You are top roping with your very competent climbing partner. The route has a potential for a pendulum swing at the crux and today it happens. Your partner slams into the wall and is knocked unconscious. The rope somehow becomes tangled in something and you cannot lower your friend. Even if you could lower you are afraid to because your partner would hit ledges on the way down causing more injury. What do you do?? The technique is called a pick-off.

(3): 3:1 haul system

Finally part 3 of our 3 part rescue clinic! So far you have learned a couple basic rescue skills from how to escape a belay to how to do a pick off: getting a stranded climber off a route from below. In part 3 you will learn how to build a haul system starting with a 3:1 system. Haul systems are used in rescues from above your stranded climber. These systems are frequently used in Alpine settings including crevasse rescue however can be very handy in a multi-pitch environment.

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