Intro to Traditional Climbing

Trad Camp (Year Round)

This is a two day course.

This course is designed for climbers who want to expand their knowledge of the sport and take the next step from top rope to sport and traditional climbing. During this course we will review anchor building using bolts and natural anchors. You will also begin working on building anchors using trad gear. The course will focus on sport and traditional climbing, climbing methods and terminology,the physics of climbing in regards to load distribution, knots and gear placement, and how to give a good lead belay. During this course one will apply these techniques while on a backup to ensure safety; but to also give the client confidence to trust their gear placement enough to fall on them! With this we will also go over falling on lead, concerns, techniques and things to consider.


  • Client must be able to top rope a 5.8 or higher
  • Client should be able to set up anchors using both bolts and natural anchors
  • Intro to climbing II or pass belay test

What to bring:

  • Harness
  • Belay device
  • 6 ft & 10 ft length of webbing
  • 6 ft & 20 ft length
  • 7 mil cordelette
  • 4 locking carribiners
  • 2 non-locking caribiners
  • 30 ft length of static cord
  • Any trad gear you might have
  • Helmet
  • If you have a rope you can bring that as well but it isn't a necessity

    • If you do not have these items you can still take the course but be aware that in order to begin setting up your own climbs in the future these are the items you will need!

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